Friday, December 23, 2011

toy head tree

A few years ago, I started a very strange tradition.  It was inspired by a tenacious young border collie by the name of Tai.  He was extremely jealous one night as I was trimming the Christmas tree, and kept dropping fragments of dog toys at my feet.  As the night went on, I accumulated quite a pile of treasures.  Pieces of rope.  Lizard feet.  Hedgehog hats.  As I stopped to admire his work, I noticed an abnormal number of heads.  Just for fun, I decided to stick them in the branches of my Christmas tree.  This would accomplish two things, I thought.  1)  It would keep Tai from picking up the heads and depositing them at my feet again.  2) It would speed up the Christmas tree trimming process.  Little did I know, it would actually look stylish.

I've had people come over to my house many times, and complement me on my tree, never noticing the unique ornaments. So as long as I have mangled dog toy heads lying around the house, I'll keep the tradition going.  I have a feeling it will continue for a very long time.

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