Sunday, December 4, 2011

Today, at 3:47am, I turned 45 years old.  45 is an interesting age.  It’s somewhere between “I can see my whole life in front of me” and “where did I leave my bifocals?” Even without glasses, I can see 50 pretty clearly from here. 

Yet my age feels strangely comfortable to me.  At 45, I care more about people, and less about what they think of me.  I have stopped trying to “find myself,” and started creating myself. At 45, the gap between who I want to be and who I am, is getting smaller.

This year, I’ve decided to embrace my 45ness.  I will take one picture every day that I am 45 years old, and post the photos on my blog.  My hope: to capture one special moment every day that celebrates what it's like -        
I thought my 45th re-birth might be a good place to begin, so I woke up at 3:47 a.m. to capture it.

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  1. I am going to love seeing you every day! Awesome idea and, burying the lead here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!