Sunday, November 29, 2009

Photos from Ecuador

This is Coto Paxi, the world's highest active volcano

The children

The Andes - 11,000 feet up

We visited a small community high in the Andes. They were given Alapaca's through World Vision's Gift Catalog. The Alpacas help to protect the environment and water tables. It's making a tremendous difference in their crop production.

We stopped briefly at a small school in the village

The mountains are simply gorgeous

And so are the people...

I loved this image of a girl standing on the mountaintop with her dog. The picture isn't as amazing as the one that's imprinted in my mind.

This is Virgen de Quito, sitting high upon a hill overlooking Ecuador.

I took this picture at the Fiesta de Quito celebration

Just had to end with one of the cutest kids I met. He loved the camera! I think I have about 30 pictures of him.

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