Monday, November 23, 2009

Last night, we watched a gorgeous sunset during our flight to Ecuador.


Today we visited Mitad del Mundo - The middle of the world.

Also known as the belly button of the world.  I like that name better.

I balanced on the Equator

Photos of Quito...

There was this amazing church that seemed to rise up out of the city...

While taking these pictures, a pack of 3 dogs came running over the hill toward me.  They were barking, and giving me a really good look at their teeth.  It's so ironic that often when I travel, dogs seem to really dislike me.  Don't they know that I love their species??  Anyways, this is the one that I thought was going to bite me...

And then this lady ran up behind them, and started yelling at me in Spanish. 

I later realized that she was trying to tell me that the dogs wouldn't hurt me.  Could have fooled me...they looked pretty vicious, and their teeth came frighteningly close to my leg.

This wonderful man is Patricio Ricardo Izquierdo Salvador.  We call him Pato.  He is the Internal Communications Officer at World Vision, Ecuador.

Pato has this amazing goutee!  I just had to take a picture of it.

These are a couple of murals that were near the Mitad del Mundo. 


We have a really early rise tomorrow, and it's currently 12:46 am.  Nite. Nite!

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